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Extra virgin olive oil "Sant'oro - Cellina di Nardò"


Superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.



Variety of olives

Monocultivar Cellina di Nardò.


Sensory profiles

Medium fruity oil; light sensations of leaf,

grass, bitter; weak or slight spicy sensation. At sight it is of

golden yellow color, slightly hazy, with green reflections. On the nose yes

opens with a delicate olive fruitiness with subtle hints of wild herbs

and tones of ripe fruit. It is very harmonious with a broad taste and

balanced, with marked notes of white fruit, sweet almond and

hazelnut. In the final it is revealed with notes of bitter and spicy.



It is an oil that lends itself to many culinary applications,

particularly indicated on cooked and raw vegetables, on first courses,

boiled and roasted fish, boiled meats. An oil to be used daily

with the awareness of those who care about the health of the whole




Packages produced

glass bottle "papua" of lt 0.75, 0.50 e  0.25

5 and 3 lt white tinplate can


The processing of the olives is carried out with a three-phase milling system within 12 hours of harvesting. The entire processing is carried out with a "cold extraction" system, where the water temperature in the entire processing process does not exceed 27 ° C.

After that, the storage temperature in the silos is also controlled with digital temperature control systems in stainless steel silos.

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