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Extra virgin olive oil "Sant'oro - Multivaritale"


Superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.



Variety of olives

Multivarietal. V ariety of olives chosen to have characteristics and

particular scents.


Sensory profiles

Lightly fruity oil, with an excellent fluidity and a

complex aromatic fragrance with elegant notes of tomato and

almond. It has a green color with golden reflections. Presence

almost absent of bitter and spicy.



it is ideal with fish dishes, fish soups,

vegetable soups, and salads.


Packages produced

glass bottle "papua" of lt 0.75, 0.50 e  0.25

5 and 3 lt white tinplate can


The processing of the olives is carried out with a three-phase milling system within 12 hours of harvesting. The entire processing is carried out with a "cold extraction" system, where the water temperature in the entire processing process does not exceed 27 ° C.

After that, the storage temperature in the silos is also controlled with digital temperature control systems in stainless steel silos.

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