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30 years of ...

Passion and Dedication

for  the  our

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Our family is in love with our land, Puglia, with its colors and its light, its flavors and its scents, its history.

With the "Sant'Oro" brand, the oil mill offers only Extra Virgin Olive Oil of certified quality and with total traceability, from the olives to the consumer's table.


Our products

Free shipping  throughout Italy on higher orders

  at € 55.00 made on our E-Shop

and then

For your first order, use the "SANTORO2020NEW" COUPON and you will receive a 10% discount on the entire cart (only on purchases over € 90.00).

We respect the environment ​​

  • 13.23 kw solar panels for powering the company;

  • a small part of the electricity we buy is GREEN;

  • Biofuel heating (olive stone);

  • Reuse of Vegetation Waters and Olive Pomace for the fertilization of the soil;

  • BIOLOGICAL certification, so we preserve the HEALTH of all of us and the environment;

  • Use of packaging with recyclable material (Glass, Cardboard, Wooden Pallet);

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